Starmaker were delighted to be honoured with this award in 2004, in recognition of the ‘unsung heroes’ who ensure the smooth running of the company. We were nominated for the award by Ivor Snape who is the father of one of our founder members, and who continues to support Starmaker to this day.

"Starmaker’s aims are to provide an environment for young people aged between 10-20 to enjoy all aspects of the performing arts (Singing, Dancing & Drama). For them to study, rehearse and participate In theatre productions held in local venues, like Readings Hexagon and Concert Hall, The Wilde Theatre and Studio Theatre Bracknell and local schools is of prime importance and this provides the opportunity and facility to socialise and interact with their peers and develop their individual interests within this “Arts” environment.

Many of the past members have benefited from this experience, my own sons being fine examples of benefiting socially and artistically from their career with Starmaker, it is unique in that it offers a broad spectrum of opportunity for individuals to develop their own specific ability within the theatre environment, but also gives them confidence through professional guidance to release their hidden talents and to study for professional qualifications.

It is exceptional, quite simply because it cares passionately about every member of the theatre company in full realisation and awareness that not everyone can become a superstar, but individually each member can realise their full potential with enjoyment. Starmaker has produced some superstars."


Her Majesty The Queen announced on 30th April 2002 the creation of a new, annual Award to mark the occasion of her Golden Jubilee.

The Award recognises the vital role played by the hundreds of thousands of ‘unsung heroes’ of the voluntary and community world and emphasises the importance of continuing recognition of their work.

The Award covers groups operating in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The number of Awards made each year is determined by the number and quality of nominations received. Awards are made to groups rather than to individuals.

  • Provide community-focused voluntary activities of a very high quality

  • Have generated a high level of goodwill and respect amongst those they serve and the community as a whole

  • Have evolved locally and are locally run

  • Have a proven track record of active involvement in the community, normally over a period of three years or more for the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of local individuals or groups


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