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Young Stars get to Shine too!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

In July 2016 some of the Young Stars from our Stage School joined our cast of Shine in a production of Shine from the West End to Broadway at the Whitty Theatre in Wokingham. We build on the natural talent of our Mini Stars from age 4 so they can progress to our Theatre Company at age 10. Starmaker Theatre Company put on 2-3 shows a year at local theatres such as The Wilde Theatre, they never fail to delight the packed audiences. Our next show is Annie and we are delighted to have some new members from our Stage School joining the cast.

Starmaker Stage School meet weekly at the Oakbank School in Reading on a Saturday (Mini Stars do 2 hours in the morning, and our Young Stars and Principles do 3 hours in the afternoon). Our termly fees are very low compared to other local theatre schools, and are priced at just £90/£180 per term for children aged 4/7 plus. This works out at just £9/18 a week for a 10 week term. At the end of the term the Stage School put on a small show to showcase everything that they have learnt. All of our teachers are professionally trained and are often assisted by experienced ex-members of Starmaker who have decades of singing, dancing and acting experience between them. Starmaker is a registered charity, our aim is to bring the young people of Berkshire and surrounding areas a chance to build confidence, make new friends as well as having fun on and off stage. If you would like to try our Stage School please contact us, we will be happy to offer you a free one week trial with absolutely no obligation or pressure to join. Your child could be part of something special in years to come and we would love to help them on their theatrical journey.

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